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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, teeth are damaged through injury or decay. When this happens our goal is to quickly restore the appearance and health of your smile.

If the damage to your tooth is minimal, then a simple filling or teeth bonding may suffice. Our main goal is preserve the health of your smile, so we’ll always recommend the least invasive solution to your particular problem.

Dental crowns are usually recommended for severe decay, injury or broken teeth. They’re also used to rebuild your tooth following root canal treatment.

Dental crowns are shaped to look just like natural teeth, fitting over the top of injured teeth to repair existing damage and prevent future problems. Not only will they improve the function of your teeth, but they also look incredibly realistic.

The treatment

Your dental crown will be made just for you, using the latest techniques and highest quality materials. All of our crowns are handcrafted from porcelain or ceramic to provide a natural appearance and enduring results.

In the past, dental crowns relied heavily on metal frames, which can sometimes be seen at the gum line and become more apparent as your gums naturally recede with age. Thankfully we now have the option of metal-free crowns for a more aesthetic result.

Dental crowns are usually fitted over two appointments. During your first visit we’ll remove any decay before reshaping your damaged tooth ready for your new crown.

We’ll then take an impression of your teeth so our skilled technicians can build you a perfectly sized crown. In the meantime we’ll fit a temporary acrylic crown, so you won’t be left with a gap between treatments.

On your next visit your new crown will be ready to fit. We’ll make sure you’re completely happy with the look of your crown before permanently cementing it into place.

If you look after your crown and attend regular check-ups, it should last for many years – in some cases as many as 30.